Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Recent Pathetic Brushes With Fame

Don't ever play any kind of trivia game with me, 'cause I will blow you out of the water. I have no head for numbers or science, but pop culture is one of my strengths. We were playing a trivia game on the airplane where you go up against other passengers on the same flight. The game gave your seat number, and your stats, and yes, I was the winner.

Here are a few of some lesser known celebrities we have seen lately. This doesn't include David Letterman et al.
Cherry Jones
The actress with the Cutest Name, we spotted leaving "Gypsy".
This actress has had supporting roles in every M.Night Shyamalan movie and was Matt Damon's mother in "Ocean's 12."

Vincent Pastore
The Scariest Celebrity; we spotted him in New York, walking down Broadway.
Most recently on the "Apprentice" and we all know he met a fishy ending in the "Soprano's" as Salvatore "Big Pussy" Bonpensiero.

Bobbi Brown
(my photo)
The Richest Celebrity; we spotted her signing autographs at Bloomingdale's
For those who don't read "In Style" or visit many cosmetics counters, Bobbi Brown has a mega cosmetics line, and was made known to me when Barbara Walters did the Monica Lewinsky interview and everyone was scrambling to find out who's lipstick she was wearing.

Laurell K. Hamilton
The most graphic/goth celebrity.
Known for her scary as hell vampire novels featuring that very human vampire executioner; Anita Blake. This was at a book signing in SLC.

Trumpet roll please...for the most fun and ridiculous celebrity spotting ever!

That creepy male model from America's Next Top Model Cycle 4. My kids and I will watch this re-run every time, just to watch him steal the show from that Meany Keenyah.
I saw him in front of St Patrick's Cathedral on 5th Ave. The minute he started talking I knew it was him. If you have 9 minutes to spare you can watch it at
or just fast forward through it.
(me and the girls are the only ones who care)

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