Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Activity Day Footsteps to Repentance

Sin is like a cloud over our heads.

To get out from under the cloud of sin we need to repent.
Here are the (foot) steps to Repentance.
  1. Recognize the sin.
  2. Confess our sin to God, and the person we offended.
  3. Make up for my wrong.
  4. Forsake my sin.
  5. Obey and live like Christ.

The clouds of sin are lifted, and our lives are alive with hope.

To help us remember the foot steps to repentance, we made these flip flop sandals.
  1. Cut slits every 1/2 inch in the fabric provided. Tear don't cut the fabric. Tear as many pieces as you think you need.
  2. Tie the fabric on the flip flop using a double knot. 3 or 4 strips of the same color look the best.
  3. Trim the fabric to about 2/3's of an inch and the fabric will stand up and look frilly.


cari said...

And that is why you won't be released any time soon! What a great activity! Those girls are lucky to have you.

jake roi said...

For sure Cari! We wholeheartedly agree!

My little one is the lower right hand foot of the five. She's so proud of her new flips.