Thursday, August 21, 2008

I Think I Am Fatter This Year

This one is from last August.

Jordan's childhood friend Trent and Dave, the son he never had.

We were at Jordan's best friend, Ashley's wedding reception. I have to say this was the nicest outdoor reception I have ever been to.


Mandymoo said...

You look fantastic in those pictures. I have NOOO question I am fatter than last year (minus being pregnant).

cari said...

I have to agree, you look fantastic in these pictures but I don't think you look fatter now. You always look great! Me on the other hand...we won't go there today! I couldn't handle it.

Jordanian Princess said...

why did I cut my hair!!?????

Shayne said...

I think we are all fatter this year, I know I am. :)