Saturday, August 23, 2008

Edward and Bella

Spoilers in this post!

Okay, several weeks have passed since the release of the book, and I would like to get your responses. Please vote at my new poll, up at the top right of the blog.

I really liked the first 2/3 of the book. This was full of the wonderful romance and sweet fluff of the like, that girls love to read. I loved that Edward and Bella had such a wonderful honeymoon. He couldn't get enough of her, and she was more than happy to oblige. Obviously the sex was great enough to break the furniture! What girl doesn't dream of that happening right? I even loved the part where Bella suspects something is going on in her body that is totally foreign. But a vampire hybrid? Wow! Talk about the pregnancy from hell. I always worried that Bella wanted to jump into her vampire life too soon. I asked myself, what about babies? Every women at one point thinks about motherhood. How could Bella deny this part of herself? Even Christina, who swears she is adopting Japanese babies, has confessed that she wonders what it would be like to carry a baby to term.
So Bella, disregards all reason to save her mortality and chooses to incubate a half vampire baby. She goes through the most miserable pregnancy imaginable. Pain, broken, ribs, stretch marks from hell, bruises a linebacker couldn't imagine, and the unthinkable.....drinking blood to nourish herself and the fetus. During all of this mess, Edward is inconsolable with guilt and grief that his beloved is going to die because of his manly lusts.
I loved the creepy "Alien" like birth scene of Bella and Edward's baby too. I had no idea Stephanie Meyer had such a creepy imagination as to write such a sick, sick scenario. But it kinda makes sense. This baby has to get out to save itself. Her mother cannot carry her any longer and now it is survival of the fittest. Baby wins out, and baby chews it's way out. Okay, baby gets help chewing its way out of Bella by Edward, her father(But I can't think about that too much or I'll throw up a little in my mouth). Bella's spine is broken, she is losing massive amounts of blood, the pain sends her into shock and she is dying. Edward has no choice but to turn her into a vampire. He injects his own venom into her heart and and proceeds to bite her and lick her all over. Yes, all over. He is desperate to save her, and he knows the only way is to make her like him. Bella endures an excruciating 3 days of transformation while her body slowly kills itself off and accepts its new vampire self. Wait is this a Young Adult Book?!?!

I loved that Bella who eventually is a vampire turns into this sexy enchantress, whom Edward can't keep his hands off of. Now they can really proceed to "trip the light fantastic". They are madly, passionately, head over heels obsessed with each other, and then Voila! The baby can communicate with them, she sleeps through the night, she never cry's, she can even probably change her own diapers, if she needs to,(she is half human after all). So now the newlywed vampires can spend the entire night( remember they don't need sleep) sexing each other up in ways I have problems comprehending. I have one question..."Where do I sign up for this gig?"

The last third of the book was excruciating for me to get through. I don't care about all of these characters she introduces in some sort of editorial, get possible sequels, type of frenzy. I could care less about the Volturi, and their power issues, and I was not convinced that they were really going to do vanquish the Cullins or their friends. I don't think Stephanie Meyer is done with this money making vampire train yet, not by a long shot. So gentle readers you can expect to see much more of this series. I am certain! Bella and Edward will show up with child and Jacob in tow as background characters in many of her future books. I suspect there will be prequels as well. I would like to learn more about Alice and Jasper, Rosalee and Emmit, and Carlisle and Esme. Stephanie Meyer left the book wide, wide open for a whole series of the Jacob and Renesmee story line as well.

So, as I close this post of how the Vampire Kingdom Turns, I hope you are intrigued to vote at my post. Let me know if my review of the book has been fair, and really, what did you think of the book.


cari said...

This is one post of yours that I won't be reading. I haven't even read Twilight yet. I know...

Thanks for the spoiler warning.

Tawna said...

I really did like the book. I do have to say there were some parts that she put in that were kind of like she was trying to hurry and finish, could have done btter. But overall I enjoyed it.
On another note, The pic you posted of them is one of the best. I have not been satisfied with them and their "ordinary-ness" and that pic is just great. So thanks!

Anonymous said...

Not to point out mistakes first...But who is Justin & Rosemary? Do you mean Jasper and Rosalee?
I agree about liking the first 2/3 of the book. Actually, while the whole baby thing was going on I kept saying "I can't believe she let the story get so out of control!" The whole Volturi thing was just obnoxious. Are they gonna fight or not? Back and forth, felt like a filler to me. The end was wonderful though. I love how Bella is able to remove her shield long enough for Edward to see all the things in her head he's missed since their beginning.
Hey, I know I don't know you but I have no one else to hash it out with so what the hey?

Cynthia's Blog said...

Thank you annon. I noticed when I was writing that this just sounded weird, but I was going with the flow of my overactive brain. I will adjust!!! And we can hash this book out together anytime.

Miss.Cara! said...

I love your post!

the vampire/human hybrid is so cool shame she has a bit of a gob full for a name and has no one noticed her initals spell RCC (romote control car?) lol

i want to hear more about the rest of the cullens, their storys were very simple an i want details :P

I do think the the 3rd half was a bit rushed but she keep me reading more and but i think in the end it kinda evened up

i must say if i was bella i would have been pretty pissed about a wearwolf imprintin on my daughter lol bad jacob

i want a jacob an reeneseme book i think it would be cool to hear how they get on with the whole natural ememy stuff

anyways laters x

Anonymous said...

Awesome. That was the best review on this book I have seen yet. (And I mean that in a fabulous way since I am a hugely obsessed Twilight fan.) Thank you for giving me the oppurtunity to read this!

Anonymous said...

Good review but you spelled:
and Emmett


Anonymous said...

I just want to say I loved this book!! As far as the whole Volturi thing, it just had to finish that way to get all of their enemies out of the way. That's what gave them their happily ever after. If the Volturi wouldn't have gotten embarassed by the main vampire nation, that leaves the Cullens open to future danger. I think Stephenie was making their family indestructible and whole in every way by adding both Bella and Renesmee. Also, making Edward able to finally read Bella's thoughts is an awesome add!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I read Breaking Dawn in a day. I could NOT put it down!!
I was surprised how quickly everything went, I swear they got married, had sex, and had a baby in the space of five seconds :P Lol, I loved it beyond belief and I can't quite believe it's over until they decide to bring Midnight Sun out ;( They better!!!
love xxxx

elvira said...

It was a REALLY good book. I mean, we never are going to have enough of Edward and Bella. Especially Edward.

All the wedding thing was lovely and so was the honeymoon. I miss a better description of that part, I must say. but whatever.

in the Jacob part, all the time I was concerned about Bella. I didn´t know is she was going to resist enough for Edward to make her a vampire. Every rib broken was a headache. and then, the birth. was AWESOME. I mean, it wasn´t that lovely scene where at the end everyone is happy and all the family is happy and gathered. It was creppy and the scene of Edward RIPING the placenta!!! OMG!!!

the last part i´m not really sure I really liked it but there was some things that were worth it. all the plus character bored me really. not necesary so much descriotion. at the end, the happy ever after with Edward being able to hear Bella´s toughs, so he knows know bella always loved him and will always love him!!!

well, that´s what i think of BD. sorry if this post is not undestandable but my English is quit limit!!! sorry...

Anonymous said...

so basically you want a sex filled novel of the couple characters? that seemed to be all you liked about the book

Cynthia's Blog said...

in response to anonymous 6--
sorry,,, this was NOT sex filled. At least not graphic. And so what the last 1/3 was BORING!!?

Anonymous said...

i absolutley LOVED breaking dawn.
besides the first book this one was my favorite. it really was. i took it to mexico with me and read it like four times while laying in the sun. i just couldn't get enough. there story is AMAZING. and i want MORE MORE MORE MORE about all of them. i don't think she'll write books about Carlisle, Esme, Jasper, Alice, Rose, or Emmett. because i'm sorry but Edward and Bella are the main Characters and she made them grab you and draw you in. and i love Edward and Bella; i want more of them.

i've been told that there will be four books and they'll all be in Edwards point of you. already started the fifth book, it's on Stephanie Meyers website. it's only the first part and Edward is very very obsessive more then we all thought in the begining.

Frankiee said...

I`ve just finished with the first book. I`m obsessed with the whole story. This seems to be compete with the Harry Potter series.

You have a great blog btw

Anonymous said...

hiks know, in my country, breaking dawn hasn't released yet... OH NO! I want to read BREAKING DAWN!!!
i love twilight.

ho, when I saw "The GLAD FAMILY" ... so, i want to ask to you, Do you like traveling? hahaha... where the most country do you like? ou, bali. i like Bali. Bali is very beautiful. Haha. When I went to bali with my classmates as school event, I was very happy. I bought a lot of things because we can bargain and get really cheap price at there (especially in Sukowati), right? haha... i love Hongkong and China too.:D

MissDessiree said...

I have to agree and dissagree, I loved the whole damn book I think it was awsome how they put love pain action suspense and surprise, I think adding the other charactors shows you the real bond the cullens have with each other and the respect they recieve from theire "kind". I read this one 3 times. I think it was the best one out of the saga by far!!!

Anonymous said...

i think edward and bella will have sex again and have another baby!
don't you?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the spoiler warning.I haven't read Breaking Dawn yet :D