Monday, August 25, 2008

Do you ever have one of those days where you don't want to leave the house? You would be perfectly happy to sit on the couch and eat, read or doze the day away? I am sure most of have days like this. But tell me if I need to seek help; sometimes I dread having to leave the house. Like today, I know I have to go get Tiny from tennis and then head up to the mall to look for some outfits. I am not looking forward to it. Seriously though the highlighted phrase I just marked reminds me of one of my favorite movies.

This is one of those movies that is a "Mockumentary". It is about The American Teen Princess beauty pageant being held at the local small town level and the crazy women who are involved. This movie takes place in a small town in Minnesota, so all the actors have learned the local twang. All the contestants and pageant leaders are being filmed documentary style while someone is killing off the contestants one by one.

Kirstie Alley steals the show with her over the top performance as the director/mother to the one of the contestants. She does everything in her power to place the crown on her daughters head, even if it means trampling over anyone to do it.

This is one dvd that I have watch over and over and still giggle with glee at some of the humor that I didn't catch the first time. There are some funny cameo's in the movie too. One is by Adam West, television's first Batman, and he appears as himself as the loser he is in real life. He comes off as this really creepy dirty old man, but in a totally funny way. Will Sasso, from MadTV has a great part as the local town "retard", their word not mine. He is hilarious in this role.
Anyone who has spent time in a small Midwestern town will appreciate this movie, and anyone who wants a good time will like it too. The movie does have its share of foul language, No F words that I recall. No sex.


Mandymoo said...

I've been that way before.. and it became a vicious cycle because I didn't want to move off the couch but the more I sat there, the more I got depressed. I hated it! I have had a few of those days the past month too.

cari said...

Today's one of those days for me. I got the kids off to school and crashed on the couch. It's almost 11:00 and I finally got my butt up. Well, I'm sitting up now at least! I think Emma ate about 8 cookies while I was snoozing. Great.