Friday, August 29, 2008

Mo Betta in Moab

Malaina and I made a last minute dash to Moab this week. Here we are on the trail with our Mountain Bikes in tow. I have to say, I am certainly glad I have been moderately active with my elliptical machine or I would have died on that trail! What a fabulous day I had. I live in the BEST state for mountain biking and I could kick myself for not getting on the trail more often. My husband gave me a great bike hitch for my birthday this year and I absolutely think it is the best gift he could have ever given me. Take note of this everyone....
....I am going to do Slick Rock (at least the practice run) next year. I start my training now.

Who needs the Grand Canyon when you can have Canyonlands, Utah!
This is the view from Dead Horse Point State Park

What mother couldn't love this photo? My middle child starts her Junior Year at Brigham Young University on Tuesday. I loved spending these last few days with just her in God's country. This is Delicate Arch, located in Arches National Park. Probably Utah's most famous landmark other than the Great Salt Lake. We were the only Americans up at the arch that day. With our weak dollar, the Europeans were having the run of the place. You can see the clouds from a forest fire in the nearby La Sal Mountains that started just that morning by a lightning strike.

We also made a detour to
Nine Mile Canyon
a 70 mile stinking dirt road detour! *@#$%& But as you can see it made my child happy.
I really think she should change her major to Archaeology. She won't do it because of all the Chemistry she has already taken for her Micro-Biology Major. This is a very famous Petroglyph Site called The Great Hunt.

This is just a cute lizard I caught on digital. Too bad I cut off his tail, so to speak.
I have a great family. My husband didn't blink an eye, when I said my girl and I were going to get away. Thanks Dave for loving us so much, and keeping watch over Tiny. And thanks to Jordan for doing the dishes for Daddy and Tiny, you are the Alpha when I am away.

Thanks for spending some time with me, while I ooh and ahhh over my fantistic trip to one of Planet Earths most wonderful locations. I think I am a good judge of making that statement too having seen a lot of the earth.


Marie said...

What a lovely post! It's nice to meet another member on here who works with the Mia Maids. Utah is so beautiful. I really hope that one day I can visit it myself, instead of only being able to dream about visiting it and looking at other people's photos!

cari said...

Yay for you both! Sounds like a great time in a great place. We're hopefully going in October but I don't think I'll be mountain biking. So beautiful!

Jordanian Princess said...

You are welcome for the dishes! I am so glad to see you and Mayna having a good time! You both look so good :-)


McClintock said...

I agree about Southern Utah! Breathtaking beauty surrounds every corner. My kids loved arches. They played at the base of one arch for almost an hour hiding in the shadows, playing in the sand and trying to climb!