Friday, August 01, 2008

Dog Days of August (Go Lady Dogs)

The Lady Dog's Never stop playing softball.
I like this shot of Tiny because you can see where she held back the swing on a high ball. Look at those arms!

This is a good one too. You can see the damage where she was hit by a ball. Way to take one for the team, TINY!
Finally some freakin' tomatoes already. This was my first crop of the year, and I only got a handfull! What the heck? Our spring was too cold.
Will you just look at this amazing Cobb salad??!!??!! This came from Gourmet Magazine;August 2008 page 103. Again, my picture of the salad was better than the magazine. In my head anyway.

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cari said...

She's got some guns! Way to go Christina!

That salad looks deliciously beautiful!

Jordanian Princess said...

I am so dang jealous of Tiny's arms...what a ho