Tuesday, November 04, 2008

America the Colorful

Okay, this is an old picture, but I am so proud that the four of us had the fabulous opportunity to vote today. We all love our country. We all are strongly opinionated too. I ask, "What American isn't?" Citizens of this country should always have strong opinions, we should always question our leaders and never take our freedom of speech for granted, ever. While in Malaysia, it was common knowledge that Americans were loud, outspoken, and one lady even said we were "vulgar" (using old vernacular). Yup, we resemble that remark, thank you very much.
We are also colorful.. here are some colorful pictures of my extended family...and every single one of them is opinionated!

Rena my sis-n-law
Her daughter, my niece, Maria
Her son, my nephew, Armando Jr. and his girlfriend
My cousin Edie, like a sister
Her daughter Jody her family.
3 Generation's of men in my life
Some girls in my life.
The Summerall's , Proud Denver Democrat's all, my Great Aunt Stella is on the front row.
Daphne and ...dang, I forgot Rena's dog's name.
So, I have left out a few, because my family is Ginormous, but God Bless Us ..Every One, and God Bless America.


cari said...

I'm glad you feel so strongly about your opinions. I wish I were better at communicating mine. I don't have the gift of words that's for sure! I'm glad you are happy with yesterday's results. Honestly, I'm a little uneasy but that's just me. :) Obama gave a great speech last night and I am looking forward to see what he does. I hope he can do some of the things he says he will. I'm just really nervous about his lack of experience when it comes to national security. But, I probably worry too much about things like that.

Cynthia's Blog said...

Thank you for sharing your opinion!

The Blonde Duck said...

Looks like you have a wonderful family!