Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Don't You Love a Diner?

My father knows where every single roadside diner is between Salt Lake City and Santa Fe, and Denver and Las Vegas, and probably every other route north bound as well. He can tell you who makes the best biscuits and gravy, pancakes, soup or burger. One of the best meals I ever ate was at a roadside diner somewhere in New Mexico. Fried Eggs and Enchiladas. Any good Mexican-American knows enchiladas are best the next day with fried eggs. Only the menu didn't even say the eggs were coming with enchiladas. It was like this magical, blessed manna from heaven, when my plate was served.

New Mexico/Colorado Mexican food is way different than the California style Mexican food we get at restaraunts here in Utah. I grew up in Denver, so you can guess which style I am partial too. I always have several ziploc bags of roasted Hatch chile's in my freezer, and some sort of tamale, homemade of course. But, that is a subject for another post.

I pulled this book off my library shelves, yesterday and was mightily inspired by some excellent All-American Diner food. I was tempted to make the Onion Rings, the Ruben Sandwich, and of course the Famous Cheesecake. But, when I woke up ravenous after a long evening of election news, I knew I needed food, and I needed it right now!

Western Omelet

4 eggs beaten
1/4 onion, green pepper combined
cubed ham
1/4 cup grated cheese (optional)
1 tablespoon olive oil, or bacon fat if you must.

Preheat the oil or fat in a skillet for one minute. The secret is a hot skillet, then add the cold oil.
Swirl the oil around, put the onion and green pepper and ham in, and saute for a few hot seconds.
Add the eggs, and after about 30 seconds, start lifting the sides of the cooked egg and let the uncooked egg make contact with the skillet and let them cook. Repeat around the other edges. Add cheese if desired. Roll the omelet onto a plate.Take a potato and run it through the slicer sides of a box grater. Rinse the slices to remove the excess potato starch and pat dry. In a hot skillet with preheated oil, spread out the potato slices and let them cook about 3 minutes on each side. To get the authentic diner flavor you MUST sprinkle with onion salt. Serve with Tabasco or hot pickled peppers.
I go through about 8 jars of these a year. Me, solo, no one else, and can eat about 5 peppers with any given meal.
I used to pack these to Malaysia, I cannot live without them.

Ummm. Comfort food = diner food.
Especially if served on a vintage plate.

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cari said...

That's my idea of food!

Ever since I hung up after talking to you today, I'm craving gingerbread in the worst way!!!