Thursday, November 13, 2008

When Ye Are in the Service....

...of Your Fellow Men, Ye are Only in the Service of Your God. Mosiah 2:17

No matter what God you serve, or how you worship, it is pure and human to take care of each other. I have had that opportunity several times this month. I am not going to list my opportunities here, or keep a running tally; but I just want to say how good I feel when I can perform some service for another person!

So dear Barefoot Bloggers, that is why I am somewhat tardy in my posting of today's recipe
Herb Roasted Onions.

I must admit, I used an already homemade vinaigrette that I had made recently, instead of following the recipe exactly. I added some fresh thyme and other herbs to it. I only used one onion since I didn't cook dinner today because of other obligations, and I didn't think most of my family would eat this.

My daughter and I gobbled it up once it came out of the oven. One onion was perfect for the two of us. I will make this again though, but I will cut the root off and let the sections of the onion separate. And, I will put it on a bigger pan, to let more of the pieces caramelize more deeply.

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