Saturday, November 15, 2008

Who Do You Think I Am?

A woman's purse is as individual as its owner. It kind of speaks a bit about that person too. Let me explain. (see sleeping cat;)
  • Color. Who else but me would be stupid or daring enough (form your own opinion) to fork out mega bucks for an orange purse? I had to have it. I could not stop thinking about this bag when I first saw it. I love you Cole Haan. Orange to me is my signature color. This came to my notice one day, when I was looking at my clothes lined up in the closet and noticed I had oodles of every shade of orange, salmon, peach, melon, and rust hanging up in there. Someone told me once, that the color you are attracted to, is one that is complimentary with your own coloring.
  • Contents. Now this is really personal; my kids will have totally different things than I would. Christina keeps Sour Patch candy, gum and ipod. Malaina, a power bar, every receipt she ever got and ipod. Jordan will keep sunglasses, a little black book and ipod.
  • I keep coupons that I rarely ever use, reading glasses, and two types of hand lotion and always hand sanitizer. I usually never leave the house without my phone or a nail file and I have NO DESIRE for an ipod.
All of these items tell a story about me. I like to save money, but I am not going to kill myself if I spend an extra 50 cents on something that might be on sale at the store 5 miles further away. So basically I am an impulse shopper who feels a teensie bit of remorse (thus the coupons). This is a great big change from the early days of my marriage, where I used to make dramatic lists and menus. Now if I want something special to eat, I'll just go that day to get it.
I am getting older. I need reading glasses and I want to be able to see! And yes, I do use them to look at price tags.
I keep two lotions. One to share with others, if I need to use lotion when I am in a group; this one is usually a hotel give away. My second is a fancy hand cream that I pay through the nose for, and I am not going to share it with " just any old person" (If you can name the movie that quote comes from, I will give you one of the fancy hand lotions), (The movie quote comes from "Dick" congrats to Malaina) so I use it when in private. So some would call me stingy, or just plain practical. You decide.

And the hand sanitizer is because you never know what other people you come in contact with are doing while they are in private! And, items I touch may have been sneezed on or their kids might have just picked their nose and touched it. I will never touch an item of food, or my face without first washing my hands or using the hand sanitizer.

All that hand washing and sanitizing is why I need the lotion.... the stinginess with the fancy hand cream is because I don't pinch pennies at the grocery store, so I have to be selective with whom I share it with!! Do you follow my logic yet? Now let's not EVEN get started on what is in the wallet......


malaina said...

the quote is from the movie Dick- the secretary says it to the two girls when the ask to see the President.

Do I get a fancy lotion?

Cynthia's Blog said...

Yes, Dick. You are the winner of the giveaway!!!

cari said...

I LOVE your purse!

McClintock said...

What a great idea! I love reading your blog because of its creativity and ability to make me smile. OK so the blog can't do is your superb ability to express your thoughts in writing.


The Blonde Duck said...

My signature color is pink! And your purse is much more organized than mine!