Saturday, November 22, 2008

Twilight...My girl-gang loved it.

So, we went to see Twilight yesterday.

I got there at one thirty, I like to sit in a certain spot in the theater, where people can't bump my seat from behind, or put their stinky feet up on the empty seat next to mine. Our show started at 4:00. My daughters trickled in between 2:30 and 3:00. Part of the fun of anticipating a movie is the party in line with the other movie goers before the show. One other girl was on Christina's softball team. They were first in line, we were second. The had some fun card games going on.

Christina was so twitter-pated when Edward came on screen that she screamed out" whoooo hooo" at the top of her lungs in the dark quiet theater. Everyone burst out laughing.
I am not going to review the movie. I think there are many other sites that can do a better job of that than I can. I will say that I thought everyone in the movie was nicely cast. The movie followed the book and even Stephanie Meyer had a small cameo in the show. If the box office receipts are correct, this will beat all expectations the studio had for this movie. They thought the movie would gross 65 million tops. Now they think opening weekend will be 75 million alone. Ain't vampire romance fun?

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Danielle said...

My 13 year old went on opening day to see the movie as well. She has told me since she plans on seeing it 6 more times, which I follow with you have money? can I borrow some? :}