Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Girls Play

If you ever go to a restaurant and there is a crazy lady setting the timer on her camera and taking tons of's me. My kids cannot count the times I have made them pose. When waiters come by and ask to take the photo, the girls just say, "No thanks, she likes to play with her timer and Gorrillapod."I was worried about the last 4 trips to Mimi's Cafe. It had been sub par. I wrote a letter to the corporation and they sent me 60.00 in corporate cash. We had an awesome meal. I am happy to report happy day's are back at Mimi's.
Her bestest "boy"friend.

Alas, some days are better.....

than others.Sometimes we spend a few minutes talking each other off the ledge, so to speak. But hey, we're's just what you do.


The Blonde Duck said...

Tell me about it. I know the feeling!

cari said...

I miss my girl!