Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Color us Green..Go Bulldogs!

Tiny with her friend Tesha and Coach Ventura in the back.
My Internet connection is really rotten. I don't want to go into gory details, but yeah.. it is really bad. It has made my desire to surf the web and post here at this blog grow cold with dread. However, I have been so busy with Tiny and events at school that it is probably for the best.

We got back from a tournament in St. George, Utah. Can I say that I am hungry for Spring!!?? It was just spectacular weather. The grass was green, and the apple trees were in blossom. Wow, can you tell by this photo, that I am a happy camper?

Here are some of the girls with their sun kissed faces.

Here is a fun one minute video of my child up to bat. It is a nail biter!

The Provo Baseball team was also at a tournament there. We were able to attend a couple of games. Here is Kyler at first;I think he stole second.

The boys also attended the girls games too when they could. It was great fun.

I have decided to get off the fence and just accept the fact that I have to kiss butt. I am arranging 6 team dinners and a tailgate party. Sooooo..if I don't call, post or email, you will know that I am hiding under the covers.


cari said...

Jose's the coach? He used to be Jake's soccer coach. He's a good guy once you get to know him. He's tough but he was a good coach. (At least when Jake had him.) Good for you getting involved.

Malaina said...

Your hair has gotten so long! Those dinners and tailgate parties sound like a lotta fun.

nos vemos

Becky said...

You inspire me! What aren't you involved in? You'll never regret supporting your child...listen to me. You know more about raising kids than I do! You are awesome!