Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Fundraising, Bon Jovi, Creepy Bachelor


They are killing me. I have had almost every kid in the neighborhood (including my own) hitting me up this week for restaurant coupons, cookie dough and popcorn. All to raise funds that should be being provided by our taxes. But no....those taxes are going towards Securities fallout and saving everyone who bought a $350,000 house while they only were making $15.00 an hour.

I wish I could afford a few extra pounds on my butt or a few extra cubic inches in my freezer. But alas, I cannot. My heart is there for you. I was selective in my purchasing and only bought dough from my own child. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the kind people who bought cookie dough from my little cookie. It is appreciated!

Jon Bon Jovi:

Okay, not even my family knows this; I am breaking my silence for all of cyberspace to know...I have a secret little girl crush on Jon Bon Jovi. It was all but confirmed last night as I watched him on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Alas, he sang "Wanted" with a fan on the show real impromptu like. Everyone knows Bon Jovi songs are screaming hard to sing, and he just has an amazing voice. He is such a class act. Okay dear hubby. For our 25th anniversary....tickets? Anywhere in the world. I'll be your date.

The B*#@^&d...I mean The Bachelor:

Speaking of class act. This guy to the left of the screen is a creep and anything but a class act. I think ABC is creepy too. ( I guess I am creepy too for watching this TRAIN WRECK) It is obvious to the whole world that everyone (including his creepy girlfriend #2 Molly) thought the way he jilted and broke up with Melissa was inhumane and really low. He jilted her (with ABC's, satanic salivating mouth, hand rubbing, ratings getting blessing) on the air, by telling her he made a mistake, and didn't' love after all and he wanted the "other" woman instead. Melissa called him a" bastard" under breath, told him "don't call me, don't text me, leave me alone." She gave him the ring, and walked off the set with her head held high. It was so incredibly amazing to watch. I HAVE to believe it was staged; with everyone in" the know", but poor Melissa. If you care, you can link to Reality Steve for all the juicy details. Girl, you shoulda' kept that ring and pawned it~~~


Jordanian Princess said...

Hey Bon Jovi is Hot! Also, that Bachelor guy is a MAJOR bitch! (not sorry for the language!)

Malaina said...

I agree with Jordan (even though I didn´t watch the bachelor). I don´t know about Bon Jovi... I´ll youtube it and let you know what I conclude.

lalo said...

I have been hearing about that bachelor finale for days! I love the way you rant!

cari said...

Bon Jovi is hot! I hope Max didn't bother you with his fundraiser. (I hate fundraisers! Especially the assemblies that get the kids all thinking their gonna be able to sell enough to get an ipod! *sigh*) I told him the houses he could go to and he came back with a couple of sales of people not on the list I gave him. (Little Turkey!)

McClintock said...

Amen about the wasteful tax dollars bailing out people who bought what they could not afford and never will even after we bail them out!!!! GET A CLUE!

Oh and... Jon Bon Jovi's music makes my head hurt. My husband is right there head bangin' with ya though!