Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm a Varsity Softball Player's Mom

On Deck
I have been under a significant amount of stress so that is why no posting of late. (The title of this post says it all)Those of you who have H.S. athletes will understand my predicament and those of you who have kids who choose not to be involved in sports, well, just consider yourself blessed. Thankfully two good friends who have many years of sports mom experience talked me off the ledge today with very good advice. Thanks Gina and Jamie.
At Bat
Yes, she made the Varsity team. She is going to be starting at Center Field. Not bad for just being in 10th grade. She had a double hitter today, and then she stole home plate. Nice job Tiny.
On Third
I said many, many prayers today. The Lord listens-.


Malaina said...

Ok, I´m calling tonight! I have to know what happened with the coach.

Cindy said...

Boohoo that we didn't get to see her play. I had a couple friends that got moved to Varsity at her age and I'm pretty sure there is a lot more drama involved with position playing and such with that. I remember hearing them having their issues with that. It will probably get easier next year when she is the "right age" for Varsity. On the other hand, one doesn't want to sit around if she is qualified as a Varsity level player, regardless of age. But, politics are politics. Breathe as you go, and hopefully you'll still get to enjoy it all, as I hope she will :-)

The Blonde Duck said...

How cool that you watch her games!

McClintock said...

Good job Tiny!!! Blast Timpview if they are in your division. They were always one of my rivals!
Cindy, you must fill in the blanks with the coach.

cari said...

That's one reason I'm glad my kids aren't involved in HS sports. I hate all the politics involved (and the time!)

Great job Christina making varsity!