Sunday, May 04, 2008

Toilet Wars

Don'tcha just hate it when this happens?

My last blog was all about one of my favorite things to do.
Cleaning the bathroom is my least favorite thing to do.

This is not my bathroom.

But I still hate to clean it.
When we moved back our bathroom did not look much different than this one.
What is your least favorite chore?


cari said...

That bathroom looks familiar. (Only kidding!) I hate cleaning the bathroom too. Laundry would probably me a close second.

cari said...

By the way, I meant that picture reminded me of our bathroom not yours! :) But, even though ours is kind of gross it's not THAT gross.

Just wanted to be clear. :)

Danese said...

Cleaning the fridge, is my least favorite. I can handle the bathroom with the toilet tank bleach tabs and after shower spray, it's pretty easy. On the fridge I try to do a couple of shelves at a time, I haven't found any shortcuts on that one.

Anonymous said...

Hey this bathroom no longer exists I had to kill it and build a new one in its place. I don't clean them I just rip them out and put in a new one. glad you like hte pic. I have a bunch of nasty bathroom pics and after I build new ones.
thanks MrKnightdark and MrKnightdark youtube for more bathroom ideas

Cynthia's Blog said...

Thanks MrKnight. What a job you have!