Saturday, May 17, 2008

Y Not Mountain!

These two girls could have easily run
up the trail.

"Ain't no thang."

At the trail head, the Y is seen at the upper part of the photo. These are my children and Tiny has a friend along to help drag me up the slope.

I have lived in Provo since 1990, and never hiked to the Y? Friends from other lands...for some reason, Americans like to put school lettering on mountain sides or in the eastern half of our country where there are no mountains, they put them on great big water cisterns that dot the landscape. In my great city we have a great big Y on the mountain and it represents Brigham Young University. I might be the only person in Provo who has not done the hike! As shown in the photos we were well above the city. The lake in the background is UTAH Lake, and the sun is setting. Friends can email me and I will help you locate our home in the photo.
I gotta say it... "I Love Provo!"

Trail Statistics

Map Length: 0.99 miles / 1.59 km

Real Length: 1.01 miles / 1.62 km

Elevation Range: 5149 - 6175 feet / 1569 - 1882 meters Well above sea level!

Elevation Traveled: 1026 feet (1026 up, 0 down)

312 meters (312 up, 0 down)

Elevation per Mile: 1017 feet / 310 meters

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Way to go!