Tuesday, May 13, 2008

UMMM Frozen Fat!!!!

My wonderful Mother's Day Present

I asked for it and I got it.
And, honestly, I am thrilled.
Who wouldn't want 265 calories
65% of it from fat*
in only a half cup of ice cream?
16 half cups of frozen fatness in 2 quarts!
I wanted the big machine..and does anybody stop at 1/2 a cup?)
Okay, let's get real. This machine is going to sit here for a few days until I can't stand the clutter another minute, and then in will go to Appliance Heaven (or Hell, depending on your views), downstairs in the laundry room. But, in the mean-time I am going to justify its existence in my kitchen by claiming I am only going to make fat free sorbets. Christina and I have a Luscious Lemon all figured out.

Did you know that I was at Albertson's today and ALL the cream was sold out? See, God is watching over me.

1 comment:

cari said...

I know why I've never gotten one of those! I'd be in trouble that's for sure! Awesome gift!