Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Two Girls/One Blog

How come I can't seem to get ahead in the battle of the bulge?
These goodies don't include th
e Key Lime pie I made yesterday.
I must confess, that I will only eat one of these bad boys. And, I don't do it often!

I love this picture of Jordan. This is a classic Jordan facial feature that is most difficult to catch on camera. She has always (since infancy) had the tendency to scowl and smile at the same time. Is she happy or sad? This is also Jordan without any make-up on at all. Pretty good, I think. Gotta love that orthodontic job too!

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cari said...

I have a secret stash of chocolate in my cupboard. And I wonder why I'm fat.

Jordan is gorgeous! A natural beauty who can smile and scowl at the same time. Pretty awesome.