Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sucking a Cup

You know how when you were a kid, (or adult) and you used to put a cup around your mouth and suck the air out thereby create a vacuume of suction around your cheeks? Well I hadn't done this in years (okay...months), and I felt it was time to show my family my skill.

We were sitting around the table for Family Home Evening and playing FIVE CROWNS, our favorite game. I have these great sturdy hard plastic cups that will last through a nuclear winter, and I sucked one up (no hands). Malaina made me laugh when she looked at me in absolute dismay (that she was more mature than her mother). I lowered the cup to the table..again no hands, and this duel skill caused me to laugh even harder. As the cup lost suction, due to the laughter, I hit the rim of the cup and chiped the tooth. This photo does not show the crack that runs almost the entire horizontal length of the tooth.

Textbook Gums!

I actually got up at 7:07 this morning, and called the dentist for an appointment. Look how great he fixed me up!

My dentist is the best. We have been patients of his since 1990. He was fresh out of dental school, and he had little kids like us too. We have basically grown up together. We have watched his career rise, fall, then rise again, and one thing is certain, no matter what time of day our appointment is, he has 5:00 shadow. He is a handsome guy, with dark blond hair, but his beard is black!! All the time! And it is always present.

Another thing about my dentist is his liberal use of the laughing gas.
I LOVE that GAS!

When I tell the hygenist to,"Turn it up Baby!", she never listens and she keeps it at the "safe" level.

I will whine to Gary, and he will crank that knob right up to the "danger zone".

I always seem to sing "Don't You Want Somebody to Love?", by Jefferson Airplane as I am flying high as a spaceship. It seems fitting doesn't it? It is the closest thing to dropping acid in "The Haight", that I will ever get, and still get to keep my temple recommend. Rock On.


cari said...

At least you "suck" in a cool way! Unlike me. Maybe we can be fraternal twins! (This is in reference to the comment you left on my blog. It would sound kind of creepy if you hadn't read the comment you left for me.)

Man, what 40-something woman can say she chipped a tooth showing her family a cool trick? You know how to live! :) Too funny!

So, what did Dave have to say about that? Just wondering. :)

P.S. I am jealous of your beautiful teeth and gums!

Anonymous said...

Laughing gas is the BEST!!!! I use that wonderous gas every dental visit. I have a great dentist that really cranks the gas way up high when she enters the room. Even the mask is cool....scented flavors! How I wish they could pump it into my bedroom :) Tell us more about your nitrous trip.