Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sugar the Cat (turn up the volume)

The Glad Housewife's first lame attempt at a Slide Show.

It is time that Sugar the Cat gets her own post.
We have owned Sugar for 9 years. She has been to Malaysia, Taiwan, L.A., New Mexico, and Las Vegas. When we had a party in Penang, our friends lined up outside Jordan's door to get a peek at the freakishly large Sugar.

The Elders would come for dinner and we would shake the food can and show them how Sugar would run the 100 feet from the office to the kitchen. It was so funny to see her blubber shake from side to side. It was the highlight of any dinner party!

Sugar also got regular baths thanks to Kanthi our maid. But she gained lots of weight because of the lack of exercise. She didn't even have to clean her own butt. (she couldn't reach it either) The workers who cleaned the windows in the building would look in and see her sunning herself and her were aghast at her great girth!

Enjoy this first attempt, let me know how you like it and I will do more shows.


Anonymous said...

you are kind of insane.,,but I love it

Twila said...

People should read this.