Tuesday, June 10, 2008

And God Created the Fishes..

Dave took daughter number 2 for some much need R&R. This is one girl who stresses easy, just like her mom. He made her put down that Orgasmic Chemistry for just one day, stop thinking of her super boring job for one weekend. (boring because she is chained to the desk and can't go on field trips with her crew, 'cause of the O chem).

Daughter number 2 has a great smile!

Since gas costs 4 dollars a gallon, and they caught 4 fish, and they released them back into the lake, I figure each fish cost approximately 10 dollars. But that smile was worth every cent.


lotto numbers said...

Thanks. Im Inspired again.

cari said...

That's so great they spend time together --just the two of them. Your girls are lucky to have such a great dad. Malaina really does have the most beautiful smile!

(Elisabeth wouldn't be caught dead holding a fish!)

m said...

It's ORGANIC CHEMISTRY- you are going to give people the wrong idea about me...