Paul and Karen Dupaix have lived in their circa 1910 Tooele home with their children for the past eight years, but rarely go into the attic.
The family was shocked when workers putting on a new roof Monday made a grisly discovery: a human skull between a wall and the point of the roof where the eaves meet.
"That is the last thing we expected to find," said Karen Dupaix.
Tooele Police Lt. Jorge Cholico said investigators are now trying to contact surviving family members of the late Rex Stutznegger, known as one of Tooele's first dentists, and his wife, Helen. The couple were the previous owners and had lived in the home for about 65 years, Karen Dupaix said.

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What is the creepiest thing you have found?

The creepiest thing I found lately was on T.V. last night.
"Rosemary's Baby" with Mia Farrow. Was it really filmed 40 years ago? I can remember my parents and their friends whispering about this Scandalous movie when I was a little girl. It is about this couple who move into a New York City apartment building, (The DAKOTA, where John Lennon was murdered) also occupied by a bunch of crazies. Rosemary's husband and the other dwellers make a pact with Satan and the result is the wacko pregnancy and even scarier ending of how Rosemary deals with the results of a disastrous 9 months.

On a lighter note. Mia Farrow's wardrobe was darling. Did you know her husband Frank Sinatra divorced her during the filming of this movie? It is said he didn't like her choosing her career over him, and he hated how she had to be so skinny for the movie. Not to mention her Vidal Sassoon pixie haircut, so cute. Oh my, she was practically Twiggy thin!