Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Oh, So 1990's Salad

I used to subscribe years ago to Bon Appetit. I threw all the magazines away since all the recipes are on-line, and, I don't like to let crap like that collect around my house. So I was at the local thrift store (looking to collect more crap...another story) and saw this magazine. I remembered it from 1994. Why, you ask? Because of the incredibly fake pretty people that accompanied the story! There was Libby and Michael sitting all tan and pretty with with their white teeth, out on the Hampton's posing for the photo op, with four other equally pretty people in their summer regalia; Laura Ashley skirts, and their Land's End top sider's. (whew, that was a long angry sentence, can you guess who spent her 1990's really fat?!!) There is even a picture of everyone singing "Kum-bai Ya'" around a beach bon-fire. It is the funniest article BA ever printed. I will NEVER throw this one away!

But there is a really good potato salad with all those trendy 1990's foods like Hericot Verts and Balsamic Vinegar. I didn't have the red potatoes on hand for this and used Russets. It was not as good as the when I used red, but still tasty. I have made this several times and you can't mess it up. Thanks Libby, in my opinion, this is a great salad and those ingredients are never out of style in my kitchen! I loved the 1990's!


Anonymous said...

You should have shown a picture of the fake people! I wanna see them now! :-)

--Jordan G

Susie said...

Awesome! That salad is so good (you linked to my recipe for it) but I had completely forgotten about the article. I ditched all my magazines years ago too!

Everyone still raves over that salad!