Monday, June 23, 2008

Glad So Sad

Have you ever had a friendship, that had to end? That's a tough one isn't it? We have all seen that poem Reason, Season, Lifetime

I think it might be copyrighted, so I won't go through the trouble to get the permission to print it here, so I have provided the link to copy of the poem above. If you haven't read it you might need to get a tissue ready.

I went through a few friendships lately that were for a Reason. I had one lady who really came into my life when I needed her, but, some things were said, feelings of warmth never returned, misunderstandings happened and that friendship came to a crashing, screaming halt. Wow! that was hard to go through. But, she was there for a reason. I think I was in her life for a reason too. At the time it was a perfect fit. I wish her the best.

I have had some friends for a Season too. Ladies I have worked with come to mind, fellow housewives at married student housing are included here. We were all at the same job, or we were all in the same boat financially and our situations were very similar. Our commonalities were what brought us together. I still keep touch with a few of these friends, mostly by email, or mostly from hearsay. Those years we spent in that Season were warm and full of love. I remember them fondly.

Then you have those Life-timers. My friends in my ward family are included here. We have disagreed, laughed, argued, forgave, and been there for each other. I also have one lifetime friend that I need to repair some things with. We have been in each others lives as long as we can remember, and we have just let the relationship sort of go stagnant. I take most of the blame for that. She knows who she is and she knows I love her, but, I need to tell her.

Can you tell the Glad Housewife is a bit melancholy? My daughter just ended a ten year friendship. It would take a team of therapists and a mediator 6 months to untangle the mess that was made. Was there any one thing that put that kibosh in that relationship? We may never know. I only know that her friend was there for a Season. Maybe at the 25 year reunion they can sit and have a chat. I am sure they will both be ready to talk about it by then.


Creole Wisdom said...

Wow, ((hugs)), that is hard. I think it is just one of those necessary evils, though, like you said. Hope your daughter feels better soon!

cari said...

Well, as hard as it is, things will work out. I'm sorry you're feeling a little sad today. I do know that you are a good friend (a better friend to me than I probably deserve) and so are your daughters. :)

Anonymous said...

Mommy, you always know what to say to make the situation bareable. Whenever I have a problem, I run straight home to consult with my mom. Thank you for always being there for me! I love you :-)