Thursday, June 12, 2008

"Pop, Lock and Drop" that Lettuce


Okay, so it's been a slow news week. But friends... I cannot keep quiet any longer! I have been liberated by the LOCK & LOCK. Ask my kids.. I have dozens of them. My husband watched me go to the store almost daily, before our move back from Malaysia, hauling back my booty, my treasure of 2 or 3 LOCK & LOCK's a day. If one of my kids takes leftovers to work in a LOCK & LOCK I make them promise upon their lives to guard them and bring them safely home! To hell with diamonds or pearls (also have dozens of those from a trip to Shanghi) give me LOCK & LOCK's!!

We eat a lotta lettuce! I go to Sam's Club and buy the bulk bag of Romaine Hearts. They are sold by weight so sometimes there are as many as 6 heads of lettuce in each bag. I am not particularly fond of the tough leafy outer leaves, so this is a perfect buy for me. Not a bad deal for about $2.50 a bag. I come home, and remove each leaf making sure to remove any of that rusty growth that lettuce gets. I learned in High School Home Ec., from Mrs. Lemmon, that it spreads, so remove it while you see it. Then I use one of my all time favorite kitchen gizmos the Salad Spinner to dry the lettuce. Then I layer it 2 heads at a time between paper towels into my extra large LOCK & LOCK container, that will hold the entire bag's contents. Now we have fresh, clean, ready to use salad that will stay fresh as an Irish Spring soaped armpit for over a week, though it never lasts that long at our house.

A note about the LOCK & LOCK. They are affordable, CLEAR, and very durable. I bought dozens of them while in Malaysia and I will never give them up. You can find them at Walmart or Kmart. I love Tupperware, but I find they are a bit tedious having to burp, and make sure they are sealed. As a foodie, I would rather burp myself. My food keeps better in the fridge with the LOCK & LOCK and, I can see what I have in there. I bought one small square Tupperware recently and I am still kicking myself. I could have had two LOCK & LOCK's for the price of one


Anonymous said...

Mom, you are such a good writer! You make a blog about lettuce and lock & locks sound super interesting! :-)


Cynthia's Blog said...

That's nice that you read the blog. I swear you are the only one!

m said...

I have two of your lock and locks :)

cari said...

Oh, whatever about Jordan being the only "one" who reads your blog!

I love the Sam's club lettuce too but it always goes bad before we finish it. I guess I need to get me some Lock & Lock's.

(What's up with the name though? Does it lock twice or something?)