Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dare I Post About It?

Gasp... I am going out on a ledge, please pray for me everyone! I'll say it NOW.....

"As long as John McCain talks about exploratory oil drilling in the US.... I am voting for the other guy!"

Wah, wah, no I am not an environmentalist, pinko, leftist, anti-American, democrat, feminist. (Okay, I'm a Democrat, see... pray for me!). I am just a concerned Housewife (probably a hypocrite since I drive an Expedition), who thinks it is about time to put the money in alternative fuels. FYI: I am converting it to natural gas (the car).

"I say these things in the .......,, amen."


cari said...

I don't know who to vote for. I'm with you on alternative fuel. Where do you convert your car to natural gas? Just curious.

Greg Karr said...

No matter what you hear, we will always use oil in our economy. So lets not ignore the current primary fuel in hopes of finding wonder energy source. Almost all the current technologic advancements still have significant downsides and really cant compete with oil. So lets no blackball oil. We need oil and right now we need a whole bunch more oil to bridge the time when altnertives fuels and enrgy sources are developed and distributed in the marketplace. So until then VOTE to find more oil, drill it now, save money.