Monday, December 22, 2008

Clueless Cathy

I have Jordan's permission to post about this insanely funny thing that happened.

She and her boyfriend Casey went to dinner with her friend Ashley and her husband Patrick last Saturday. They went to Mi Ranchito in Orem, Ut. Let's just say that Jordan's birthday is in mid-January to set this story up...

There they sit...4 adults having a really uncomfortable meal, Casey was not minding his social manners. He was being a really bad boy. Jordan was cringing every time he opened his mouth. She just knew he would say or do something really insanely immature, tell a stupid irrelevant story, blow soda out his nose or something. Not being one to disappoint..... out of nowhere he gets up from the table using the excuse to go to the bathroom, and returns less than two minutes later. Jordan, ever the mommy, asks if he remembered to wash his hands. (That should have been clue number one: gone too short of a time to pee).

Clue number two: 5 minutes later when you see your waiter gathering all the other waiters and lighting a candle on complimentary fried ice cream.

Clue number three: they start walking your direction.

Clue number four: They place the fried ice cream in front of you and begin singing Happy Birthday to you.

Clue number five: ( and this is the part that made me wet my pants when I heard this story)

They put a sombrero on your head and make you do a birthday dance!!!

She was so mortified. Ashley could not believe what she was seeing, and just whispered for her to play along. *It seems Casey wanted some free dessert* Later in the car Ashley texted Jordan with the message "Patrick wanted to kick Casey's ass", yes, it was that bad.

Next time Jordan will have to remember to bring Casey's sippy cup and Cheerios to keep him entertained.


Sarah said...

That is a very funny story!! Jeff and I were there that night too. We heard several birthday numbers on the other side of the restaurant, and saw the enormous sombreros. How funny!
Tiny was cute with the braces, but what a gorgeous smile! I think your husband is going to have to pull the big guns out now. :)

Jordanian Princess said...

My poor Casey...

-Jordanian Princess

cari said...

Jordan, you deserve better -- waaaaaay better. Sorry I just had to say it.

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