Monday, December 22, 2008

Get Thee Hence...Braces!!!

Oh Happy Day!!!! Now she can kiss, smile, and floss like a normal person!!!! I could kick myself for not getting a before picture (I am just too lazy to go scan the records) and a picture of the Orthodontist's office we began this journey at in Penang. You can see from the background of this shot that our current office is quite luxurious. NIGHT AND DAY from good old Dr. Looi on Burmah Road. But he was American trained and he was excellent. Our current Ortho, spoke kindly of him.

Here is a cute photo. She was 11 here in this photo. By this time she had had at least 6 baby teeth pulled and 4 adult teeth already removed.

Both of these girls have my big teeth and their Dad's itty bitty mouth.
They had to have those bone strechers, (sorry don't know the right term) that stretch the roof of your mouth, and a total of23 teeth pulled, not including the 8 wisdom teeth.
Now they have the same smile.
Her best friend Tesha and her boyfriend Brandon seem to approve~

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Jordanian Princess said...

These pictures are super cute! Congratulations Teeny Tiny :-)

Cindy said...

Wow! That's a lot of teeth removed. When I looked into it for Abbey, with her serious overbite, as well as her big teeth/little mouth, it was a concern to me to have teeth pulled. I know Weston had to when he was young, and I had hoped things had changed since then.

The first ortho immediately said pull teeth, but, lo and behold, upon going to another ortho with all the latest technical equipment, she used a herpst appliance and 2.5 years, and her smile is beautiful with no teeth pulled!

Eli is now doing the same path, with only a 2 year expectation. They both started, though, around 16 (Eli was 17), because it took so long for all their teeth to come in . . . one of our Gaddis children traits.

The smiles of your children look beautiful!

Anonymous said...
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Cynthia's Blog said...

Wish we could have done that. You have seen my husband's teeth. Tiny would have had teeth growing out the top of her gums, and roof of her mouth. Ummm she did actually.