Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Malaina Goes Fiber Optic

My dear Malaina is gearing up for her study abroad adventure t0 Cordoba, Argentina & Patagonia, coming up in just over one month! As such, she has begun a new blog to keep us all apprised of her travels. Please check it out by clicking on the link above or the photo above. You will read how she is fine tuning one of her most precious assets....

....Her fantastical left wrist.

Malaina is a Junior at Brigham Young University majoring in Biology, and minoring in Music. She is currently the only female that performs with the BYU Classical Guitar Ensemble.

When she is feeling better, I will make her play the new Rodrigo piece she has mastered, and post the performance here.


The Blonde Duck said...

Merry Christmas!

Cindy said...

How exciting for Malaina! Is this something she is doing for herself, or part of her studies through BYU?

Abbey just spoke with her advisor at BYU today and has moved her start date to summer session instead of spring session. It makes sense, and she can just go right through winter session her first year.

She's intending to stay for the three week period between summer and fall, so I'm hoping she can get to know cousins/aunts/uncles better by maybe spending some time with you all more during that timeframe. Are you all around during August?

Anyway, we're excited although it postpones things for her, but it's all good. Now, we're looking for options for Eric down the road. Finding a program that offers travel or schooling in Japan at some point is optimal (he wants to be a Japanese major). So, thus, my asking about Malaina's situation . . .

Cynthia's Blog said...

Response to Cindy:

Yes, BYU offers several opps each year to their students in various majors. Malaina will be doing research for another professor there. Then will be backpacking for 3 weeks to various places in S.A. I wish I could give more info on the type of research, but it will be plant life related and evolutionary in nature...Why does the same species of plant evolve different in this locale, than this one in this locale...etc...Using the Patagonia region as the location.

Yes! We are delighted to see Abby, maybe by then Malaina will be moved out and Abby can stay in her room, at least on the weekends. Fun! We have had Brad's son Ben here for the Christmas season and it is great getting to know him. He is only 9 months older than Christina and Adam.

Malaina said...

Thanks for all the publicity :)