Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Thanks to this lady.

Worlds best school Counselor.

Momi has helped Christina in numerous ways. She cares, worries, is pro-active, and she is approachable. When we came back from Malaysia, she took Christina under her wing, and has always been cheerful and happy to see her. Christina is really sick with the flu, she will probably miss the entire week of school. All I had to do was send an email to Momi, and she is arranging to get some homework together for her today.

Our public schools take a hit from several directions from people who are unhappy with the system in some form. I agree with several of their arguments. I admire those who choose to home school, or those who can afford private school. I offered Christina the choice several times, to home school. I gave her numerous examples of successes through homeschooling. Her response was negative. She likes school. She wants the sports options, she loves team sports, she likes most of her teachers, and she said she did not want to loose the social aspect of school. She likes seeing her boyfriend at lunch and holding his hand in the halls, she loves having classes with her friends, and being silly. I know, I know, ...these are all probably reasons why some choose to home school..
I guess I am just happy I have a good school in my city, for my child to attend.

I don't want to pick sides, or knit pick either choice, I just wanted to give a shout out to Momi and her warm motherly caring.

Momi's last day at PHS will be next Tuesday. Good luck at Timpview Momi, we will miss you.


Jamie said...

We all love Momi too. I count myself blessed every time we need help in the counseling center that our name starts with K. and tht means we get Momi. She is the best.

cari said...

I couldn't agree more...she is awesome! She's always been there for my kids too. I hope Christina feels better soon.

The Blonde Duck said...

That's really cool!

Hey Jude! said...

She was my counselor my senior year. She is awesome! I wish I she was around my whole high school school experience.