Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Third Toe Hysteria

Did you ever see "Moulin Rouge" with Nicole Kidman? We watched it at least 20 times when we first got it on DVD. One of the best one liners from the show, was when at the beginning of the movie the old geezer father says to the son..."What is this crrazzy obsession with LUUVV??!!!"

Well, I ask myself that question all the time, except my obsession is with feet and most importantly with toes. Ask my parents, brother and sister, or my own family, I am obsessed, I always have been. So you can relate to my absolute delight when years ago I noticed the incredible right feet of my husband, and the two of my daughters who take after their father the most. Will you just look at those third toes? They all are 1/2 an inch longer than the 4th toe, and equal in length to the 2nd toe. I LOVE IT.

Thanks to Dave, Jordan and Christina and their patience whilst I gathered this genetic anomaly digitally for posterity. (Also, the girls had just gone for mani/pedi's earlier in the day, so their toes looked fab.)


cari said...

Dave looks so thrilled to have his picture taken.

Cindy said...

Weston is always talking about the second toe that is quite a bit longer than the big toe. He calls these "Scottish toes", and boy was he thrilled when he discovered it was "verified" at a Scottish festival website . . . LOL! I see Dave has these "Scottish toes", but not the girls, as their second toe is not longer than the big toe. I have several children with these "Scottish toes". Maybe I should gather a picture for posterity :-) Weston would love it!

Peter M said...

Just read of your Y & R reference to sparee ribs and saurkraut at Kat's blog and now I read're a hoot!

Jordanian Princess said...

I love dad's face in this picture.

TheMoomKitty said...

I stumbled across your site when I was researching long third toes! Okay, my third used to be the same length as the big toe and the second toe, but it has grown! Now it is longer than all of the others. Super weird. I look like a duck, but yoga poses are easier because it is better for balance.
Glad to know there are more like me out there!
Best wishes

Jess said...

Oh good I feel better about my third toe now lol