Sunday, May 24, 2009

Crow Eating Results ; But Ate Elk Instead.

So, only a few people have responded to the poll about whether or not I need to eat crow. I was interested to note:
  • Only one person said Kris had a better voice than Adam.
  • And only 2 people were offended by my liberal use of the word boring.
  • 6 people thought Adam had the better voice and it was a popularity contest.
  • One person thought the voting was rigged.
So, I am not going to eat crow. (And frankly aren't we just a little bit bored by the subject?)

I am suffering the birds though. Some starling chicks have flown the nest and their parents are still chasing them down and feeding them like crazy. They are making such a racket in the area. So I am getting my comeuppance. The birds are flying, and I don't mean the middle fingers.

I was trolling the television recently. I came upon Apollo 13. I LOVE that movie. I think it might make my top 100 list. The only reason it might not is because of that
"BORING" actor.....Gary Sinise. I really strongly dislike him.A person might even think I hate him
. I do loves me some Tom Hanks and Kevin Bacon. They are two of my favorite actors.

There are so many talented actors out there who are some of your favorites?
  1. Ed Harris
  2. Tom Cruise
  3. Kevin Bacon
  4. Johnny Depp
  5. George Clooney
  6. Hugh Grant
  7. Clive Owen
  8. Sean Connery
  9. Alec Baldwin
  10. Shah Rukh Khan
to name a few. I am sure I can think of others, but it is 3:00 in the morning!!!

Elk Roast:
The Russ Fuller Family invited us over for a great dinner yesterday~~~
I just love that family .
YUM that Elk Roast was really good

Braise one or two roasts quickly searing them on each side.
Put them in a crock pot, with a bit of water. Score the tops of each roast;add onion soup mix and onions to the crock pot and let it go for about 10 hours. You can add potatoes during the last 2 hours of cooking ,and then make a great gravy to go over the whole thing. You will get a really lean dinner and one that is delicious and wholesome.


Vicki Kump said...

Cynthia of the choices you listed I have to go with Sean Connery, I could listen to his voice all day. I own the movie Dragon Heart simply because he voices the Dragon. Now some not on your list who are great or soon to be great actors are: Morgan Freeman, Nicholas Cage and one of my new favorites is Shia Labouf. Have a great memorial day.

Vicki Kump

Anonymous said...

There many great actors in this world... Tom Cruise is excellent. I would take him over Ed Harris.

Cynthia's Blog said...

I didn't say they were great actors...I just happen to like them in movies.

Vicki, LOVE Morgan Freeman, Nicolas Cage....hmmmm

cari said...

Tom Hanks is no doubt an excellent actor and I love some of the movies he's been in but I'm having a little bit of a hard time getting over his recent negative comments about the church (and his insincere apology) and his anti-american comments in the past. It makes it hard for me to watch him now. Julia Roberts is another one. I wish actors would keep their opinions to themselves sometimes. It kind of ruins things for me.

I totally agree with elk....yummy!