Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sensuous Throwdown

So last week, we met up with Dave's brother Brad and his son Ben at one of Tiny's last games. We initiated them to Sensuous Sandwich on Provo Center ST. Ben must have a competitive nature because he bought the 24 inch submarine sandwich and took the challenge to eat it in under 30 minutes. He went 15:08. We didn't talk to him as he processed the food, but we did take lots of photos. For those that don't know....if you eat a 2 foot sub sandwich in under 30 minutes. you get a t-shirt that gives you free drinks, your picture taken and placed proudly on the wall, and heartburn and the shits for the next 24 hours. Good job BEN.


Joyce said...

haha that's amazing!

Anonymous said...

Me and Brandon are so cute its retarded!