Saturday, May 16, 2009

Here's to a Great Saturday!

A person would have to have been a cave (pun intended) not to have heard about Gollum and his "precious" ring.
Well kids, I too, have a "precious" . My precious camera has been returned to me whole and in perfect form. For some unknown reason, there were two screws loose...(hmmm, does that bring to mind any person you know?) inside the camera. While "precious" was being fixed, I crocheted a cover for my neck strap. It used to drive me insane because is was so rough and prickly. Now it is soft and cushioney.

Dave and Tiny were gone camping, and Jordan was in Idaho with a friend
so Malaina and I snuck off to see "Angels and Demons", with Tom Hanks.
We enjoyed it. It had been years since I read the book, so I couldn't remember who or what was happening.

Then we went for Indian food. Oh, it was fabulously good! But 'spensive!

My new favorite restaurant. Fabulous food, excellent service and ever so clean!!!

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