Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Wisteria What?

Okay, so I dropped my amazing, wonderful (ahem, top of the digital camera hierarchy) camera. It worked for a few more photos after the fall and then it stopped. I am traumatized beyond belief. I am going to take poor precious darling to the camera doctor tomorrow and hope for a cheap fix, but don't count on it. Have you priced the Canon G9?? They are going to charge me an arm and a leg.

So, long story short...I have to resort to my already old pictures. I, due to an amazing lack of imagination and a short attention span, am not particularly fond of blogs without photos, so I will proceed to force feed my readers horribly terrible information and some very average pics. Are you ready? (In proof reading this paragraph I noticed it is grammatically awful, but I am too lazy to fix it)

Ha! We went to 2 weeks ago, and I forced the group to go to Universal Studios. Then if that were not bad enough, I forced them to take the tour of the studio.
Here are poor Christina, Art and Tesha looking at Gabby's house from the Desperate Housewives show. (The show takes place on "Wisteria Lane")

Okay, so have you ever watched the Desperate Housewives?
While I do not record the Housewives, (I choose to record Breaking Bad a totally amazing Emmy Award winning show that is filmed in New Mexico that my sister works on)
I do watch the Housewives occasionally. It is not a "cocinada" (Spanish slang for dirty), like my mother thinks it is. It is a really creative drama that deals with some pretty ridiculous scenarios in a whole new twist. It is narrated by a dead woman for one. And it is loaded with plot twists and delicious foreshadowing. It is really fun to watch if you get the chance. But Breaking Bad is incredible.

Here is a really stupid photo of some Wisteria.
All the flowers on the set were fake but they looked really pretty. You will see Wisteria in tons of Chinese art. It is grown in the Eastern U.S. and is native to China.

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