Saturday, May 09, 2009

My darling girl is finally home. She looked fresh and young, and she looked like a true backpacker except she didn't have her Chaco's on. But she did have requisite guitar in hand.
Here is a three generational photograph. I think we look like a pretty good representation of Malaina's physical future.

Congratulations Malaina, NOW is the time to truly explore the world when you don't have little kids in tow or even a husband trying to keep you from shopping to your hearts content. You are brave and courageous to do this on your own....but...that is how we raised you to be. Rock on.


Joyce said...

Malaina is back! Yay!

cari said...

Good for her! And good for you for raising such an amazing daughter!

Happy Mother's Day!

Becky said...

Love the 3 generation shot! Such darling women. Your advice about traveling and adventuring while you are young and unattached is "spot on". Have a blast Malaina! Welcome home.

Malaina said...

Thank you mom! It's good to be back.