Thursday, May 21, 2009

Some Crap Going Down

Posterior Tibial Tendonitis (means I can't walk for s*&t) and if I continue this way, I will get arthritis and fused bones. So, if orthopaedics and PT don't work..then I face a life with a brace or I get flat foot reconstruction. My foot is so flat that it turns in by almost 30%. So, alas, I am faced with a painful future for a year (yes that is how long it takes to feel better) with the surgery or a painful lifetime of really bad problems.
Medializing calcaneal osteotomy(reposition the Achilles tendon, plantar fascia and the bone more laterally)
first cuneform flexion osteotomy (bone graft)
soft tissue reconstruction (excise tibial tendon, realign a neighboring tendon)
with FDL transfer (move the heel into alignment, think screws and stuff)
and accessory navicular excision. (boney excess crap scraped off ..have lots of that)

I am terrified; the procedure IS as bad as it sounds. My surgeon says this is the biggest operation he does and , and it is more drastic than knee, or shoulder replacement. He said" it is a grueling recovery." I will be non-weight bearing for 6 to 10 weeks. In a boot for 2 months and swollen for several more. BUT, I will get the spring back in my step and be glad I did it now rather than when I am older.

I plan on crawling on my hands and knees a lot, and I bought this really cool knee walker for going out and about. I don't think I can do crutches permanently. When I broke my foot in Malaysia I was on crutches for a time, and it really hurt my wrists and shoulders. I just need to go easy and hope my other foot stays OK. I can't afford for this to happen on that side too.
Okay, on another matter.... I am placing another poll....DO YOU THINK I NEED TO EAT CROW? I proclaimed Kris Allen as a boring contestant, yet he won the popularity vote that American Idol has become.
Seeing the contestants side by side tonight I would like you to honestly (all musical taste and visual preferences set aside) judge whether or not the BEST singer won. Do you, you,you, the reader here and now really believe the BEST singer won?

Or do you feel it was a popular vote like I do? I feel that Adam was too progressive, people didn't like his makeup, his sexual orientation, his glam - rocker style. Most of you know that I am left of center for an LDS woman, I would not consider myself a conservative. I have homosexual loved ones, I go to rock concerts (Green Day in August) I have opinions that are quite a bit more "out there" I voted for Obama for Pete's sake (and I strongly encouraged my husband to vote for him too). But , I am fair, and I will eat crow if you think, Adam was worse.

Vote at my poll on the right.

I watched the Ford commercial, and it was so good. I loved it, but it was good because of Adam's powerful harmony. You can watch or grab it too in the next post.

And what do you think of Adam and Kiss? Was that incredible or what? My father in law would have hated it. My husband says he and has dad had more than one altercation about that band when he was in highschool.


cari said...

That was a great show last night! I couldn't agree with you more that Adam is talented and a stronger singer than Kris. Honestly though, he didn't need to win to make it huge in the music business. He'll be fine and have a fabulous career. I think Kris is good too -- just in a different way. I think he appealed more to the millions of tween girls who make up most of the vote . I think Allison was the one who got ripped off. I really hope she gets a record deal. She was great last night with Cyndi Lauper!

When's the big date for the surgery? I need to know what your family eats because I will be bringing you food! Don't even argue with me.

Cindy said...

I actually like both Kris and Adam (I called Adam as my pick during audition week) for different reasons. (By the way, I DVRed the results and hadn't seen them yet . . . LOL . . . now I know, but am not surprised; neither will my hubby.)

What I have said to hubby, who is a passionate Adam fan, is this: I would pay big money to see Adam on Broadway and in concert. His performance appeal is phenomenal, and his singing ability is untouchable. I would probably prefer Kris on a CD because he has a really nice recording voice. I don't think a CD will do Adam justice (though I love, love, love his rendition of Mad World and would play that over and over and over again on a CD).

I also agree with Paula that I think Adam has the ability to become iconic. Time will tell with that one.

As Cari said, Adam will be fine without the win. The win will benefit Kris. I guess I don't need "the best" to win. I think once you hit top 4-5, you've already "won". Then it's just different strokes for different folks.

That's my take.

Jordanian Princess said...

Mommy, I totally agree! People are just not ready for someone like Adam.....but, I still think American Idol is rigged and full of s***!!!!!

Cindy said...

And UGH about the foot surgery. I am in the process of taking Adam to a foot surgeon to discuss options because of the damage done to both feet from excessive toe walking. I pray his won't have to be as horrible sounding as yours does because I don't think he will be able to do it.

On the other hand, like you said, if I don't do it now, he could end up not being able to walk, and I don't want that either. Feet are such important things, aren't they?

I wish you all the healing you need to get through this without setback.

Hey Jude! said...

I think that if American Idol were rigged, Adam and Danny would have been the top 2 and Adam would have won. I don't think it was a bad thing that Adam came in second cause now his first single ever released won't be about moving boulders through hurricanes.

Good luck with your surgery!!