Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Blessed be.

My friend Cari over at time flies is doing her fourth annual Thanksgiving list. She takes 30 days to give thanks over blessings in her life. Well, my last post was rather cleansing....ranting....slightly angry, and I decided to do something similar to Cari, at least for this post.

I am thankful that Aaron Carter and his numbskull dance partner Karina (beef jerky tits...yes, Jordan named them that) Smirnoff, will be voted off DWTS soon. If I have to look at his vein pop out of his forehead, or her boobs pop out of her suit case leather chest, one more time I am going to stroke out.

I am also Thankful that Cari Ann Inaba didn't smack my behind like she did Donny's last night on DWTS. Poor Donny has been "female handled" more that his wife would care to admit. I wonder how many times he has had to ask Kelly Osborne to please stop using the "f" word?

I am thankful I am so forgiving of my neighbor 'cause that dear sweet young thang has brought home another trailer and I am not going to complain for 72 whole hours!!!

*do you get the irony of the trailer in this photo?

I am thankful that this is not a letter I received:

Dear Neighbour.. Sincere apologies for writing to you. However it has been 2 days that a very very annoying pungent of CAT POO smell is coming strongly from your house from the kitchen balcony area. It made me now real sick and now unable to eat my food without feeling wanting to vomit. Kindly look into this and get rid of this smell to ensure that we live harmony as neighbours...and Yes i am really PISSED OFF!

This came from a Malaysian friend via Facebook...she is having her own troubles with her neighbors, and put this letter under the door. Hee hee.

I am thankful that John Curtis is the mayor-elect and there are new city council members ready to replace the old, and tired ones. Other candidates were too partisan to the "Politics as Usual" mumbo jumbo. Although after reading this post, it is doubtful he will be thankful I mentioned him here.

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cari said...

I'm excited for our new Mayor and council members. Strike me down, but I didn't vote (I know!) but it wouldn't have made a difference this time anyway. :) I'm so sorry you have another trailer to deal with. Some people!