Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What a Shock...we avoided.

This is how Tiny looked earlier today, only her eyes were swollen shut. The ER doc, suspects we avoided anaphylactic shock this time, by the skin of our teeth. We have had a wake up call and it is time to get serious about what we eat.

We have recorded every single thing she ate. I am suspect of nuts. However, Christina is a vegetarian, and has eaten nuts nearly everyday for the past 3 years. Especially this particular version of nuts.I have made an appointment with an immunologist as the future Dr. Malaina recommended. Go type your 3000 word paper on pluthera cells Malaina and leave the doctoring to mom. Of all my children, Tiny has been the most prone to allergies. As a youngster, it was dairy. As a pre-teen, hay-fever began, then a reaction to medicine. Now what?

She is carrying the EPIpen to school tomorrow.


Adie said...

Scary!!!! She should also carry benadel, and have it in her car and everyone in your family should too. From one who carried a pen and should again..... benadel has been a lifesaver. I hope she is feeling better, it really knocks you out.

Lauri said...

Wow, scary. it's wierd that your body can just turn allergic. One of my girls had eaten cashews all of her life and suddenly she was allergic to nuts from trees. It is frightening to see how quickly it happens too. Glad she is doing better and hope you are too!

Brandon Prows said...

Christina is also prettier than the girl in the picture...

That's scary. That this all happened. I had no clue until she told me too. Scary.