Monday, November 23, 2009

Everything...AND...the Kitchen Sink!

The most exciting thing to happen to me this week was that my husband gave me carte blanche at the plumbing department of Home Depot. You can see I chose the most expensive faucet in the store, well almost the most expensive. It is really high up so I can wash all my big fancy kitchen equipment. Ultimately the Glad man knows "happy wife-happy life". He benefits because now I like cooking and cleaning, and this means lots of ummm-good meals for him.

Jordan had lots of fun playing Molly Mormon Homemaker for her nursery kids. She made these darling turkey cookies. She said that all the children, even the very tiny ones understood the concept of "turkey day" with these darlings as rewards. She would not let any child take a cookie until their parent's picked them up, and the minute their parent set foot in the room, they turned and came running back for their turkey cookie.
None were as proud of Brandon as Tiny was for his most excellent performances in William Shakespeare's Henry V. He had lots of lines and is a very good actor. Brava Brandon!
Ouch-a-palooza! Yes, it is as bad as it looks. Tiny has suffered from chronic ingrown toenails for many, many years. She elected to have the procedure done to remove *permanently* the side portions of her nail beds, thus hopefully eliminating the inevitable pus, pain and amount of home surgery's we perform at home.

Whew, there is never a dull moment. I cannot let this day pass without some mention of that blasted Adam Lambert. Fool! What were you thinking???? Did you not think about the young girls and "decent" people who backed you before you imitated sex acts on the AMA?!!! We voted for you, stuck up for you when others hated you!!! To quote P.T Barnum.."There's a sucker born every minute." And this time it was us....and according to your performance you too.


Jordanian Princess said...

Amen and Amen!!!

Mandy said...

Cindy... I had that same exact surgery as Tiny. I have not been a fan of the way my toenail looks now (since it is so thin) but it's so nice to not have to worry about it anymore. I love your new fauctet. I want to come visit you guys.

Sarah said...

Jordan is amazing! Those cookies were so cute. My girls loved them! She's such a great nursery leader.

kimberly said...

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