Thursday, November 12, 2009

Radical Red

Is there really any doubt on who will win Celebrity Apprentice 2010? This woman at left, does not intimidate, speaks with a voice that can crack a bell, has the vocabulary of a diplomat and a sailor, has business acumen of any Harvard Business School professor, and she has the greatest hair I have ever seen on a mature woman!

Dave read a rock and roll book that a major band wrote, where they reminisce about Sharon and how her iron clad claws had a death grip on the Motley Crue boys. They were scared to death of her, and had to beg, literally on hands and knees for "groupie company", because she would not allow them any privileges. Not that I approve of such behavior, but the life she choose was Hard Rock, and she can head bang with ANY old person.

Bret Michaels is also cast as well, she eats boys like him for lunch and spits them out later. Cyndi Lauper, sorry, your true colors will bleed together. Ron Blagojevich, you lie like a dog, and Sharon will pet you like she does her own little band of pups. Curtis Stone? Whaaa? You may be really pretty, but Sharon hates the smell of cooking food, and you will be the first "chaa-eff" ousted. (that is how he pronounces the word "chef".) You can go to Dlisted to see the other Celebrities The Donald has lined up for us this season. I for one will not miss a single episode~

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Jordanian Princess said...

How do you think I would look with that color red in my hair??? Pretty hot, right?