Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Best in Show

The winner from the Spaniel Group and Best in Show winner.

Congrats to this top dog; the Sussex Spaniel named Stump. He came back from near death in 2004 and at the age of 10 (that is 70 to you and me kids) *and just out of retirement last week* won BEST IN SHOW at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog show. The Sussex was up against the following excellent breeds: (the following are not the actual dogs represented at the show)

The Scottish Deerhound from the Hound Group,

The Scottish Terrier from the Terrier Group

The Puli from the Herding Group. (yes it's a dog)

The Standard Poodle from the Non-Sporting Group

The Giant Schnauzer from the Working Group.

And from the Toy Group the Brussels Griffon. My deepest thanks to all those websites from wence I "borrowed" these photos. Your dogs are great.

The dogs are judged against breed type. Not against each other. So ultimately the best dog of that breed was the winner for the night. There are 170 breeds judged, and dozens of each breed in each breed per show (several thousand dogs). All are eliminated down to the Best in Breed, the Best in Group, and then the Best in Show.

We have been watching this show for 21 years. This and the Super Bowl are Dave's favorite shows of the year.


Malaina said...

I'm glad the poodle didn't win... it seems like it always wins. ¿What's new with Nick, Sharon and Phyliss? ¿I´m typing on a Spanish keyboard...you like?

cari said...

I'm not much of a dog person but that is a cute dog! I saw him on the Today show and he was snoozing. It was really cute!