Monday, February 09, 2009

This Post Has Spoilers

The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Starts Today!!!
We turn off the telephone during this special, special time.
Unless you are Malaina, don't call for 2 days.
As soon as our 22 pound cat dies, we are going to get a Papillion dog,
or a Sheltie, or the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.
This windblown beauty below is an Afghan hound.

It is sweeps month on TV.
My second and third favorite times of the year are February and November. This means that all my favorite shows will come to a huge peak.
  • We get to find out who Jason (who looks just like Tiny's darling boyfriend) from the Bachelor will finally choose as his new love....Hint/spoiler(Melissa, the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader, Yes, we all have girl crushes on her). It will likely never last though, sigh.
  • We get to see the Nick, Sharon, Phyliss, love triangle come to fruition on Young and the Restless. Poor, poor Malaina, how will you ever live without your daily fix? Can you believe they killed off Brad Carlton?
  • I will be wearing my LOST t-shirt gifted to me personally= once removed =by the show's Writer and Executive producer Carlton Cuse. I once offered to let him and his family stay in our condo while they were visiting their family, our friends Maggie and Eric while in Malaysia, thus the gifted shirt. Anyway spoiler, the crew of the Oceanic 6 will learn how to morph back to the island, and not all of them will want to go.
  • Dancing With The Stars announced that GULP...that the hot next door neighbor of Samantha Jones from the Sex in the City Movie will be on the cast (yes, THAT one giggle giggle, giggle). I will be on the edge of my seat!
  • Law and Order: Criminal Intent, can Vincent D'Onofrio get any fatter? Apparently so, but he is fascinating to watch. These episodes are viewed on the USA network. Check your listings. I am also excited to see Jeff Goldblum join the cast.
  • Top Chef will anoint the next pretentious food snob this month too. I predict it will be Stefan, hands down, no contest. You still suck Tom Colicchio.
  • Speaking of snobs, the worlds ugliest models will be strutting their stuff on Bravo Network's, Make Me A Super Model with the very un-ugly Tyson Beckford. OMG they are uglier than ever this season, but I will be watching every single verbal bitch slap they bark at each other with abated breath.
  • I will also be watching Bravo's Millionare Matchmaker, and Real Housewives of New York City. Those housewives are so pathetic. I love watching them go to fashion shows, while I sit on my butt eating, eating and doing my laundry. LOL who is the real loser?
Now you know why I don't come to bed until 4:00 am. I am watching all these stupid shows and the ones that I have had to record! We all have faults. Mine is an addictive personality. TV addictive that is......


Malaina said...

love it...keep me updated!

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I get up at 4 a.m.!

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