Thursday, February 19, 2009

Indian journey

Join me for a trip down memory lane.
I just love Indian God art. It is very symbolic. It also makes me want to go out and eat something really hot and spicy and amazingly wonderful. This picture is Shiva, his consort Parvati and, their child Ganesha the wonderful elephant god. And below is my funny guy with a huge sculpture of Ganesha taken in Hampi, India a few years ago.Did you know that nobody really knows how many Indian deities there are? Some say it is over 330,000! Here is an amazing place. This is an ancient ruin in Hampi where each thin column in the whole building has a different musical pitch. So when you play them in concert, there is a magical sound of vibrational music. No one but tourists who pay the guards a "special fee" may touch the posts at any time now. Wow it was hot that day.Shopper's Alley in Bangalore
You can see my head at the very bottom left of this photo.This was Bangalore during the Festival of Lights "Depavali"

This is Sandra doing an amazing henna art job on Tiny.
Typically brides have this done before the wedding.
I love the colors~~

This is our host's son Manan one of the beautiful children of India.

More beautiful children of India.
Any way you look at it India is Incredible!
And, as little as I like to travel, I would go there again in a heartbeat.

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Malaina said...

I would go there again too! I also want to go to Spain. I'm reading a friend's blog and she's in Spain- I gotta see all these places my guitar music is named after.