Monday, February 23, 2009

Cat Adventures

Hello, My name is Sugar. My story is rather unusual for a cat. If I were a human it would be more common. Where should I start?I was adopted when I was one year old by the Glad family nine years ago. They have loved me more than any cat could ever be loved by any human, ever. When they went overseas for an expat gig for Mr. Glad's job, they took me. The two dogs had to stay home because we moved into a 27th floor high rise condo. "Only a cat could survive that", said Mrs. G. It was so funny the way Mrs. Glad recalled the story...When the Glad's went for a house hunting trip to Penang, Malaysia, the search criteria was for 4 bedrooms and permission to have a cat. It was not easy finding a place, but Mrs. Glad held out. She said under no circumstances would we leave the cat behind or else Jordan would not come! The rental agents were so darn frustrated with Mrs. Glad, they kept asking, "Are you sure you have to bring the cat?"
Ha! Mrs. Glad had that lame-brain expat office jumping through Veterinary import hoops for weeks. Oh, my!

So Mrs. Glad spent about 50 hours trying to learn the export/import laws, we had to make trips to the state vets, I had to have certain shots and then we had to drive to New Mexico to drop of that stupid dog Pepper to Mrs. Glad's sister. I must admit. I am an awesome traveler. I got to ride in the airplane cabin to Los Angeles. My owners were even able to open my carrier and let me stretch in the airport, since I was such a good girl.

Then I had to go to cargo for the long haul ride to Chaing Kai-Shek International in Taiwan. We had to fly to Taiwan because that was the only airport where I didn't have to quarantine for several weeks or have yucky blood tests. Then we had to wait again for the long trip to Malaysia.

You should have seen the way the airport employees gawked at my luscious curves! They had never seen such a lovely cat. When we got to Malaysia, Malay security guards were snapping my photo in awe. I was even met at the airport by the Penang State Vet. we were escorted to the office where I had to quarantine for 7 days. I had a lovely tiled room with a ledge , fresh water, my bed, my toys and my special Science Diet HD food that Mrs. G. had to have special ordered from Kuala Lumpur!
* *She used to call the local vet to reorder and they knew her voice by memory!* She was the best customer in all of Malaysia! She ordered and ordered and ordered!***
Mrs. G. likes to tell everyone that she has spent thousands of dollars on me. I guess it was quite expensive to pay cargo fees for a cat. Mr. G.'s employer even gave them a stipend of 500.00 dollars for me, but that was peanuts!

So our maid Khanti bathed me and brushed me, cleaned my butt, my litter box, talked to me, and treated me so good that I gained, like 6 pounds! (When Khanti went to visit her mother, Mrs. G. used to call a really great maid, Siti from the 15th floor, to come a take care of me) Apparently that is a lot of weight for a cat to gain. But I must say I have maintained it for several years. At least I have not gained more weight. The Elders used to shake my can of food and watch me run to it. It must have been really funny because they did it over and over and over. Looking back that was the only exercise I ever got.
But I must admit, wherever the family is, is where you will find me. Here I was helping Tiny work on her Personal Progress!All that fancy living has caused me to grow somewhat spoiled. Mrs. G. took me to the vet yesterday. That stupid vet was certain I had diabetes. Mrs. G. tried to tell him it was just all in his mind. He was pretty insistent that we take blood tests. He even tried to get me to pee. But he couldn't find my bladder through all my lusciousness. The blood work was normal, just like Mrs. G. thought it would be. *the dumb vet was shocked* So, Mrs. G. has put a special turkey roaster with some sort of charcoal down to mimic a litter box. She thinks she is going to capture my pee-pee and get it tested just to make sure I am ok. I hope my large sized bottom will fit in it and not tip it over!

I will keep you posted on the results, but I have many more years ahead I am sure. The Glad's have no desire to get another pet anytime soon! But Miss Tiny (that is what they called her at the markets in Penang), wants a dog. Sorry Miss Tiny, no dogs allowed! Most of them like to eat cat poop from the litterbox. Then they get shit breath. Sorry for the bad word, but there is no other expression to capture my meaning....
Well, Mrs. G is coming to get me to put me in the bed, so I guess I'll be signing off. 'Ta everyone.


Jordanian Princess said...

I love Sugar so much it hurts my heart!!!! I seriously CANNOT get enought of this cat!

The Blonde Duck said...

This cat should meet Queen Bitty. They both have royal aspirations.

lalo said...

haha cute!

Malaina said...

I love it! This made me happy :)

Malaina said...

Why is Sharon shoplifting? Did Cane dump Chloe and why does Billy want custody of the baby? As for the cocaine and whiskey... it's all Amanda's doing :)

Oh, and does Catherine have her identity back?