Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Hawaiian Holiday

Hey, ya'll, Tiny here....I am guest posting on my Mom's blog today.
I love my Mom and Dad for letting me miss a whole week of school in mid-January so I could go to Hawaii with my best friend and her parents.

As you can tell the weather was F-I-N-E fine.
Meet my new Hawaiian boyfriend. He looks suspiciously like my cousin's husband Hama.
Dang, this coconut juice is not as good as those Thailand Coconuts I used to get!!!! In fact it was nasty. And the Sarowak Pineapples from Borneo were way better too.

Too bad my parents could not come. They missed some fun times. I heard my Mom was so sick that she missed 2 weeks of church. She even had to drive her own self to the Doctor on a Sunday morning while my Dad was sleeping on the couch after his Ward Council Meeting. He said he didn't want to go with her "cause he might miss church,But good luck with that Hon."
Anyone who knows my dad, knows this story sounds like "coconuts" , Dad probably wanted to watch football or something. I heard it took my Mom like one hour to find the route to the InstaCare in Springville. I guess that whole stinking 4th South exit was like, torn up in construction.
But she is better now that she is on some antibiotics for her pustulated sinus infection. I guess them boogers were pretty gross there for a while.
Well, I am crazy glad to be home. I love taking tests, and going to Chemistry when I am a week behind. Ta ya'll

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