Saturday, August 29, 2009

Glad Man Goes to the Gym

So Dave has been going gang busters at the gym.
He has lots of powdered whey protein drinks, and supplements that he takes too. There are times when he goes to bed at 8:00 pm so he can get to sleep and then be up to go to the gym by 5:00 am.

Since Dave has been working out he has not suffered any back pain. I think it is because he has strengthened his abs.He also gets his cardio in by gardening strenuously each evening. You can see his gardening prowess by the beauty of our flowers in the yard. And his "farmer's" tan.

He lost tons of fat weight, but has now started to gain weight back in the form of muscle. He has good genes I guess, he has not changed his pant size in the 25 years of our marriage.

I however, continue to change pant sizes on almost a daily basis.


cari said...

Way to go Dave!

I TOTALLY hear you on the pants size thing. Just the thought of it is making mine bigger.

lalo said...

I feel weird telling you your husband is hot. Your a lucky gal! I usually go for nerds so I can almost bet I wont get a muscle-ey guy, but instead a skinny white boy with a pocket protector and a really nice calculator.
say hi to Malaina for me!!

Becky said...

Lookin' good Dave...I must say though, it chaps my hide that men always seem to age better than women...but Cindy, you are holding your own, for sure! You both look great!

dafoo said...

Wow...that guy is a stud :)