Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Big Brother Season 11

"Hey wait.....Is she a big fat person?" I will give a 20 dollar gift card to Walmart to the first person who can name what movie the above quote is from. Stay tuned for the results. I am sure it will be Jordan or Malaina who wins this, and if it is Dave, he never comments on this blog anyway, and I will just keep the money for myself. And remind me to video Jordan doing the impression of the quote. (rules...don't call me or email me, you have to leave a comment to win)

Now that I have your attencion---ahem---HAVE YOU BEEN WATCHING BIG BROTHER!?

This is a guilty pleasure of mine and I used to be ashamed to admit to it, but, honey...this year's cast is providing me with some awesome television; and I am out of the closet! In an itty bitty nutshell (*because I am sure you will stop reading this post at any second*) let me fill you in.

  • Cast is kept quarantined from all media, family, and are filmed and mic'd at every angle, who can outlast the others and win half a million dollars? Almost any shenanigans are allowed to trip each other up.
  • Cast divided into 4 high school cliques. You can pretty much look at the group and name the groups. Misfits, Popular, Athletes, Brains
  • CBS uses games, and eliminations are devised to pit people against each other.
  • Jessie from a previous season is sent into the house, and gains the most power.
  • One by one he and his crony's pick people off the show.
  • Dumb girls fall for his bodacious bod, and whine and cry when he is "backdoored" and given the boot out the door.
  • Chima, the girl on the top row with the clown makeup, falls to shreds after she is made a fool of by a secret "mystery power". OH IT WAS SO FUN . CBS fired her and she is on media blackout, by Viacom International, yeah, they own CBS, MTV, BET..... She actually threw her mic in the pool.
  • Blond bimbo Jordan is in power of the house this week (Jeff sacrificed for her and is not so secretly in love with her) and she is going for the jugular of the two mean girls left in the house. Hey wait, she ain't so dumb after all.
Now before you judge me. Let it be known that I almost always do the laundry during the shows so I am not being idle.

If you have a guilty pleasure on television, let me know.


Anonymous said...

I know what the quote is from!!!!

I think it's Silence of the Lambs... But I don't know.

-Brandon (Christina's significant other)

Cynthia's Blog said...

YOU are the winner!!! I owe you a 20.oo gift card!

Malaina said...

crap...I thought I was going to win.

Dafoo said...

"It puts the lotion in the basket or it gets the hose again..."

Brandon said...

Wow! Well thanks for the money... Now I can take Christina on a date... or something fun like that.


Jordanian Princess said...

The quote actually goes, "Hey wait...AIN'T she a big fat person?"


dafoo said...

No...here's the quote: "Put the F****** lotion in the basket!"